The Brand Alchemy Mastermind Program

The 12-Week blueprint for heart-centered coaches, creators & changemakers who are ready to transform their soul's mission into a purposeful & profitable brand... WITHOUT the overwhelm.

Are YOU ready to build, grow & scale your business in 2021 with ease?

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Are you ready? attract your dream clients, authentically express your gifts and create a memorable + magnetic brand that effortlessly communicates your unique value?

If you want to:

  • Ditch the overwhelm and get the entire framework to building, growing and scaling a heart-based business with highly personalised support

  • Learn simple & effective marketing strategies that call in your dream clients without feeling salesy or gimmicky

  • Craft a memorable, magnetic brand persona that stands out & authentically communicates your unique value

  • Up-level your offerings so your dream clients really "get" the incredible value you offer and are excited to buy from you

  • And do all of this & more the easeful way... without the "hustle" mentality or confusion about what to focus on

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“Working with Hannah has transformed my business and given me so much confidence and clarity in the unique value I offer. A few weeks into the mastermind, I raised my prices and signed my first premium client at my new rates! Hannah’s approach is very heart-based and easy to follow. I feel my vision for my business is really possible now and can't wait to continue seeing where this takes me!”

Janelle Clayton-Wilks

Life & Relationship Coach

“Smash it out with Hannah. Highly recommend her approach which is quite unique to anything I have done for my business to go to the next level. This program has given me so much more clarity and confidence to step into my power and gave me the direction I needed to step into unlimited possibilities – book launches, speaking gigs, and a new radical program that will change lives.”

Karen Howe

Inspirational Author, Writer & Transformation Coach

This program allowed me to create a new high value offer that I fully stand by. I experienced so many mindset shifts, inner clarity and a deeper understanding of myself, and learned how to serve my dream client on a completely new level with so much more confidence, clarity and ease. I also manifested a new house (wasn’t expecting that!!). SO. MUCH. VALUE. HANNAH. THANK YOU AGAIN!”

Mikaela Seger Nalgard

Leadership Coach & Singer-Songwriter

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