This is available for you too. I know it and believe it with every single fibre of my being.

  • You don't resonate with a lot of the regular marketing “jargon” out there

  • You're at an early stage of your business and need help with "the how" of attracting more dream clients and growing your business without overwhelm or confusion

  • You're re-branding and need some help getting your message & business re-aligned with this new version

  • You're on the entrepreneurial treadmill, feeling overwhelmed trying to do "all the things" to grow your business, but feel like you're getting nowhere

  • You desire a supportive container with like-minded, evolved humans that will help you shift your energy and align your inner energetics while growing a thriving business

What We’ll Cover in Our 12 Weeks Together:

Week One: Uncover Your Brand's Unique Blueprint & Design

Our first week together, we dive into the foundational blueprint of your brand, including defining your niche, positioning your brand to attract your dream client avatar & uncovering your unique brand voice both on and offline to make sure your foundation is rock solid! We also dive into your Human Design and begin the journey of aligning your "inner energetics" to support you throughout the program & beyond!

Week Two: Calibrate to Your Soul's Vision & Mission

We'll work together to craft your brand statements, get you clear on your direction and ensure you’re using the right magnetic + memorable language that's an energetic match to attract your DREAM clients.

Week Three: Tell Your Story

You will learn the foundations for storytelling, and walk through the process of writing your very own Brand Story. This is a transformational component of the program that not only gives you an incredibly valuable asset you will use again and again in your marketing, but also has you stepping into & owning your value in a whole new way.

Week Four: Integration Week 

A week to ground the energy, implement + integrate everything we've learned so far with accountability & support via our group communication channels!

Week Five: Craft Your Signature Offer & Dream Client Pathway

This week is all about your offerings. We walk through a unique process to help you effectively communicate your unique essence to clients, break down your one-of-a-kind value proposition and craft your dream client pathway... so it's easy for your Dream clients to say YES to working with you! 

Week Six: Clarify Your Core Messages

The final piece of Brand Alignment, and the key to creating effortless content that feels completely aligned. This week you will define your brand values & create your brand’s core messages - the foundation to our social media content strategy.

Week Seven: High-Vibe Social Media

All things social media. We cover how to craft compelling content in alignment with your brand, and everything you need to know to leverage social media marketing. The do’s and don’ts of social media and the 5 styles of content to connect + nurture trust with your audience. You'll leave this program feeling confident in your ability to communicate your message on social media.

Week Eight: Integration Week 

A week to ground the energy, implement + integrate everything we've learned so far with accountability & support via our group communication channels!

Week Nine: Streamline Your Business Ecosystem

This week is all about bringing ease and flow to your business processes. We cover the foundational systems, structures & processes you need to create a seamless back-end experience for you, your current or future team & your clients!

Week Ten: Create Your Profit Plan Roadmap

Using the BAA Profit Plan template, I will walk you through a powerful process to creating your very own roadmap that outlines, step-by-step, what you need to focus on, when, in what order – to anchor in more deeply to your long-term brand vision & mission.

Week Eleven: Anchor into Soulful Sales

This week, we dive more deeply into the energetics of sales, walk through what it takes to create powerful, confident sales conversations & refine your sales processes. You'll walk away confident in yourself, your value, your systems and ability to communicate with potential clients!

Week Twelve: Celebrate + Integrate the Transformations!

Our final week together we bring everything to completion, celebrate our progress and successes, and allow time for final questions to be answered.

  • 9 x Heart-Work Prompts & Assignments 

  • Brand Alignment & Discovery Questionnaire 

  • Access to BAA Templates & Resources, including the Brand Foundations Workbook, Profit Plan Roadmap & More 

Bonus Inclusion with Your Program

  • Community Vibes with Like-Minded Humans! Part of the magic of this container is being on the journey with other supportive humans who are on a similar wave-length and who will celebrate the highs, and support you during the lows. You'll feel totally supported throughout this program by me and your fellow Mastermind peers!